Friday, 30 January 2015

Welcome to Thomas Street Studios

Welcome to Thomas Street Studios

Thomas Street Studios are one of Manchester's leading fashion photography and modelling studios. We are proud to be able to cater for both commercial and private clients and offer a range of photography packages to suit every need. Many men and women come to us for modelling portfolio photoshoots with a view to attending model castings or applying for agency work. Here are some tips on how to prepare before your trip to Thomas Street Studios.

The first thing to remember is that you have no second chances when going for a photoshoot. The photos you take home can't be changed and so you'll want them to be the best they possibly can. One factor involved in this is choosing the right outfits. At Thomas Street Studios, we generally have time for a few outfit changes and notice that some people make some obvious mistakes. 

Thomas Street Studios
Thomas Street Studios
Make sure that your outfits are defined. There is no point in having three similar outfits that accentuate the same parts of your body. Depending on the type of portfolio you want - or what niche of modelling you have targeted - your outfits should match your ambition. Typically, for women, a dress, a skirt/top, and perhaps jeans or a trouser suit would be a rounded combination. Having a mixture is important especially if you don't know which one will be most photogenic. Find out more about Thomas Street Studios by watching the video below and also check us out on the Thomas Street Studios Facebook. We operate normal business hours so please feel free to give us a ring or message us through the website.

Monday, 29 December 2014

Thomas Street Studios Photography

Thomas Street Studios Manicure Tips

Thomas Street Studios are the top photography studio in Manchester. Our premises are located in the city's trendy and vibrant Northern quarter. We specialise in fashion modelling portfolio photography but cater for family shoots and events, too. More information on our studios can be found in the video at the bottom of this post. At this cold time of year the Thomas Street Studios team thought it'd be a great idea to write a post about manicures. Here is a short guide on how to avoid fraying cuticles and take great care of your nails!

Thomas Street Studios
Thomas Street Studios
First of all, remove any old nail polish. Use an acetone-based remover to get the job done quickly. This will have a drying effect on the nails and cuticles so minimise the amount you use and contact with the skin. Soak your finger tips for a few seconds to stop the nail from splintering or splitting. Shape and clip and then file them gently into shape. Anyone in female modelling will tell you that a slightly rounded nail shape or square-rounded edge is generally the best way to go. Steer clear of very coarse nail files as they can cause splintering more easily. Instead, use a less abrasive emery board or file. Smooth the sides and tops of the nails with a buffer to get an even surface. Don’t smooth them too much though or the polish will have nothing to stick to and can come off easily.

Put your hands in warm water with a little face wash in it. This is to soak your cuticles so they don’t split and are easier to trim. Keep soaking to about three minutes. When you are cutting the thick skin around the nail, adding a bit of cuticle remover can make a big difference. Remove excess cuticles and any callouses around the nail. Very gently push the cuticle back away from the nail with a cuticle pushing tool, but don't push it too far because it can damage nail growth or fray the cuticle. Massage a rich cream or silky oil into the cuticles and all over the hands to hydrate and replenish skin and you're done! To find out more about Thomas Street Studios, you can check out our other blogs and also see what we're loving on the Thomas Street Studios Pinterest!

Sunday, 30 November 2014

Thomas Street Studios: Tips from our Make-Up Team

Thomas Street Studios Tips

The most widely used form of eye shadow is pressed powder. It is super easy to apply and makes minimal mess. Tap your brush or blow the excess off before application though because it can end up going in places you don't want it, causing smearing as you try to wipe it away.

More popular perhaps for the woman on the move especially are pencil eye shadows and cream-to-powder ones. These are difficult for an amateur to apply evenly and to blend but all it really takes is a bit of practice.

Thomas Street Studios

At Thomas Street Studios we of course have a large collection of colours, but this isn't required for an individual's make up collection. We recommend having three to five colours from the same palette. Neutral tones are the most adaptable and will lend a classic look, rather than risking looking over done!

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Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Thomas Street Modelling Advice

Thomas Street Studios Modelling Advice

Thomas Street Studios are a leading photography studio specialised in fashion portfolio shoots. The studios themselves are kitted out with state of the art equipment and staffed by industry professionals. This post gives some tips on how to prepare for a spray tan so that you get the result you were hoping for ready for your modelling shoot. There are many do’s and don’ts when it comes to spray tanning and here are some tips on what to do to prepare your skin.
Thomas Street Studios
Thomas Street Studios
It is very rare to get a reaction but it does occasionally happen. Exfoliation is as important as the spray tan itself. Good exfoliation for two days prior to your spray tan treatment is absolutely necessary to get a flawless result, especially on dry areas like, knees, ankles, hands, feet etc.  Full body exfoliation is the key and this can be done with a rough flannel. Exfoliation can continue for the two days up to four hours before your spray tan which should itself be done a few days before your modelling shoot.
Thomas Street Studios
Thomas Street Studios
Before your spray tan it is advisable to have a small patch test done 24-48 hours prior. This is usually a small amount of the tanning solution applied to a discrete area of your skin. If no reaction occurs in this time then there's no need to worry.
Thomas Street Studios
Thomas Street Studios Map

To find out more about Thomas Street Studios find most posts and modelling news on their Facebook and watch the video below.

Thursday, 25 September 2014

Thomas Street Studios Photography

Lighting and Photography at Thomas Street Studios

 We are an award winning fashion studio based in the very heart of Manchester's trendy Northern Quarter. Established for over 10 years, Thomas Street Studios are the market leaders in the North West, working with the top make up artists and photographers in the UK. Our talented team have worked with celebrities and fashion labels across the globe.

thomas street studios
Thomas Street Studios

Lighting can strongly influence the outcome of a photo. Unfortunately the camera flash is an expert at picking up excess shine on your face. Applying a makeup primer underneath foundation will keep your complexion matte and marvelous. Try to avoid light that hits you from above, as it will create unflattering shadows on your face. To avoid this, stand behind the sun and stay clear of overhead lights. To further decrease possible shadow casts, tilt your head up. Any good modelling photographer will tell you these tips, but you need to remember them yourself for photos of your social life.

To avoid a double chin, always have the right camera angle. When the camera is pointing down the way, your face looks leaner and your jawline is more defined. When the lens is at eye level, stick your chin out slightly more than normal so as to better avoid any extra chins sneaking in. For extra radiance in your photos, enhance the whiteness of your teeth with whiteners. For kissable lips, apply a layer of sheer lip gloss and away you go.

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Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Thomas Street Studios Child Modelling

Do I Need a Modelling Portfolio for My Child?

Many aspiring child models' parents ask Thomas Street Studios whether they need a professional photo portfolio in order to become a model. When applying to an agency for your child an agency will only require a nice, clear, up-to-date snap shot at that point. Most child model agencies have their own requirements when it comes to the photographs they need to represent your child. Some agencies prefer to take their own photographs of your child in their professional studio whilst others will ask you to go and have some taken by an outside photographer not connected with or working for the agency. Some agencies who work this way will give you a list of preferred photographers for you to choose from, others will allow you complete freedom.
Thomas Street Studios
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Make sure any photographer outside of an agency knows why you are having the photographs taken and be sure their copyright allows you to use the photographs for promotional purposes. You will find that some photographers may charge extra for allowing their photographs to be used this way. With babies and toddlers try not to have photographs taken in frilly dresses or uncomfortable clothing. Avoid fussy accessories like bow ties or bows in hair. Do not have your child modelling photograph taken against a cluttered background, stood in buckets or sat in basket – keep them safe. Do not dress them up in costumes either.

Most child model agencies will require you to send one or more up-to-date snap shots of your child or children, either via e-mail or by post. Any child model agency's web site should have full instructions of what to do to apply and they should also be happy to tell you about this procedure over the phone. For further advice pop into Thomas Street Studios!

Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Plus Sized Modelling Guide

Plus Sized Modelling Guide

There's always some form of controversy within the modelling industry. A normal-size model will sometimes be accused of being too skinny while a plus-size model is implicated of either being "not plus-size enough" or just being fat. It seems that no matter what side of the coin you fall on there's no winning in modelling. However, if you have the confidence to pull it off and the determination to not give up, the sky is the limit. 

The definition of a "plus-size" model seems to come down to one key factor. the preference interpretation on the designer your working with. The average "plus-size" model wears a size 12 to 14, but appears thinner than that size due to her height. So it all comes down to personal preference once again.

No matter what size you are and how you look or what area you want to work in within the industry there is always space for you!

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