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Thomas Street Studios Manicure Tips

Thomas Street Studios are the top photography studio in Manchester. Our premises are located in the city's trendy and vibrant Northern quarter. We specialise in fashion modelling portfolio photography but cater for family shoots and events, too. More information on our studios can be found in the video at the bottom of this post. At this cold time of year the Thomas Street Studios team thought it'd be a great idea to write a post about manicures. Here is a short guide on how to avoid fraying cuticles and take great care of your nails!

Thomas Street Studios
Thomas Street Studios
First of all, remove any old nail polish. Use an acetone-based remover to get the job done quickly. This will have a drying effect on the nails and cuticles so minimise the amount you use and contact with the skin. Soak your finger tips for a few seconds to stop the nail from splintering or splitting. Shape and clip and then file them gently into shape. Anyone in female modelling will tell you that a slightly rounded nail shape or square-rounded edge is generally the best way to go. Steer clear of very coarse nail files as they can cause splintering more easily. Instead, use a less abrasive emery board or file. Smooth the sides and tops of the nails with a buffer to get an even surface. Don’t smooth them too much though or the polish will have nothing to stick to and can come off easily.

Put your hands in warm water with a little face wash in it. This is to soak your cuticles so they don’t split and are easier to trim. Keep soaking to about three minutes. When you are cutting the thick skin around the nail, adding a bit of cuticle remover can make a big difference. Remove excess cuticles and any callouses around the nail. Very gently push the cuticle back away from the nail with a cuticle pushing tool, but don't push it too far because it can damage nail growth or fray the cuticle. Massage a rich cream or silky oil into the cuticles and all over the hands to hydrate and replenish skin and you're done! To find out more about Thomas Street Studios, you can check out our other blogs and also see what we're loving on the Thomas Street Studios Pinterest!

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