Sunday, 30 November 2014

Thomas Street Studios: Tips from our Make-Up Team

Thomas Street Studios Tips

The most widely used form of eye shadow is pressed powder. It is super easy to apply and makes minimal mess. Tap your brush or blow the excess off before application though because it can end up going in places you don't want it, causing smearing as you try to wipe it away.

More popular perhaps for the woman on the move especially are pencil eye shadows and cream-to-powder ones. These are difficult for an amateur to apply evenly and to blend but all it really takes is a bit of practice.

Thomas Street Studios

At Thomas Street Studios we of course have a large collection of colours, but this isn't required for an individual's make up collection. We recommend having three to five colours from the same palette. Neutral tones are the most adaptable and will lend a classic look, rather than risking looking over done!

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