Thursday, 26 June 2014

Model Diet Tips

Most people wonder how international fashion models, with the hectic schedule, can fit in three healthy meals a day into their lives. However, a great secret of models is that they usually do not eat three meals in a day, as most people think they are supposed to do. Models, instead, very often use the technique of ‘’noshing’’, eating over six times a day.

Professional models' dieting tips and strategies are clearly things they take very seriously. Unlike with most people, dieting and eating right are actually part of the job for a model as they always have to look their best. Female models, more than male models’ that have to pile on the calories to work out, dieting tips are for stranger and more sporadic. However, they still need constant energy.

With the ‘’noshing’’ diet secret, you do not go around feeling hungry and you take in as many calories as you normally have been taking in. Indeed, the great trick to ‘’noshing’’ is you eat less food at a given time, but you eat more often throughout the day. With a nibbling diet, you eat five or even six times a day. Female models on this trick still eat main meal, but these are smaller also give themselves "snacks" in between meals.

We want to hear from you? What are your eating habits?