Thursday, 25 September 2014

Thomas Street Studios Photography

Lighting and Photography at Thomas Street Studios

 We are an award winning fashion studio based in the very heart of Manchester's trendy Northern Quarter. Established for over 10 years, Thomas Street Studios are the market leaders in the North West, working with the top make up artists and photographers in the UK. Our talented team have worked with celebrities and fashion labels across the globe.

thomas street studios
Thomas Street Studios

Lighting can strongly influence the outcome of a photo. Unfortunately the camera flash is an expert at picking up excess shine on your face. Applying a makeup primer underneath foundation will keep your complexion matte and marvelous. Try to avoid light that hits you from above, as it will create unflattering shadows on your face. To avoid this, stand behind the sun and stay clear of overhead lights. To further decrease possible shadow casts, tilt your head up. Any good modelling photographer will tell you these tips, but you need to remember them yourself for photos of your social life.

To avoid a double chin, always have the right camera angle. When the camera is pointing down the way, your face looks leaner and your jawline is more defined. When the lens is at eye level, stick your chin out slightly more than normal so as to better avoid any extra chins sneaking in. For extra radiance in your photos, enhance the whiteness of your teeth with whiteners. For kissable lips, apply a layer of sheer lip gloss and away you go.

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