Tuesday, 26 August 2014

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Do I Need a Modelling Portfolio for My Child?

Many aspiring child models' parents ask Thomas Street Studios whether they need a professional photo portfolio in order to become a model. When applying to an agency for your child an agency will only require a nice, clear, up-to-date snap shot at that point. Most child model agencies have their own requirements when it comes to the photographs they need to represent your child. Some agencies prefer to take their own photographs of your child in their professional studio whilst others will ask you to go and have some taken by an outside photographer not connected with or working for the agency. Some agencies who work this way will give you a list of preferred photographers for you to choose from, others will allow you complete freedom.
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Make sure any photographer outside of an agency knows why you are having the photographs taken and be sure their copyright allows you to use the photographs for promotional purposes. You will find that some photographers may charge extra for allowing their photographs to be used this way. With babies and toddlers try not to have photographs taken in frilly dresses or uncomfortable clothing. Avoid fussy accessories like bow ties or bows in hair. Do not have your child modelling photograph taken against a cluttered background, stood in buckets or sat in basket – keep them safe. Do not dress them up in costumes either.

Most child model agencies will require you to send one or more up-to-date snap shots of your child or children, either via e-mail or by post. Any child model agency's web site should have full instructions of what to do to apply and they should also be happy to tell you about this procedure over the phone. For further advice pop into Thomas Street Studios!

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